KAO - Critical Information about
Organ Transplantation

Is an organ donor dead immediately before the removal operation or is he a living being without provable brain function? Experts from medicine, law, and theology have opposite views about this issue. 97% of the organism is still alive when "brain death" is diagnosed and death is certified. Everybody should know that and come to a decision of his own on the basis of these facts.

We are an initiative founded by parents. We consented to the organ removal of our children, after their serious accidents, without knowing then what organ removal means. After our children were buried we realized what we had given our consent to. We realized that living organs cannot be taken from persons who are really dead. That's why we deeply regret our decision. One of the consequences of our consent was that we left our dying children unprotected when they needed our care and love most. Instead we entrusted them to the transplant surgeons - later we got the impression that our chil-dren had been treated just like recycling material.

As a result of our bitter experience we want to inform the public about these facts so that parents in the same situation might be protected from being confronted with organ donation uninformed.

We want to help people get fully informed so that they can take a well-founded decision - if necessary.

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